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Did You Know?

Statistics show that in-house debt collection efforts are only 70% effective with ninety-day invoices. When the debt reaches six months, returns drop to 50%. Can your margins absorb this loss?

As a premier Baltimore, MD business collection agency, BCCS can successfully help you get the money you’ve earned, and get it fast. We offer a variety of commercial collection services to help reduce losses for businesses:

Collection Services

Collection of Past Due Accounts

You’ve attempted to collect your money by phone calling and writing letters, but nothing has seemed to work. Here at BCCS, we rely on modern and traditional methods for collecting what you’re owed. We build a full financial profile in order to better understand why a debt remains outstanding.

We do debt collection of commercial accounts on a contingency basis. BCCS offers competitive rates and requires no fee unless the collection is successful.


Don’t let your current 30-60-90 day accounts turn into bad debt. Have BCCS worry about collecting your current accounts so that you can save time and concentrate on other tasks. This service is more effective, efficient, and professional than an in-house collector. You can outsource your collections with BCCS on an hourly or contract basis.

Bankruptcy/Liquidation Collections

Have you negotiated a workout agreement with a borrower and still haven’t received payment? We can help with the collections of entire portfolios under workout scenarios. This service is offered at reduced rates.

Legal Collections
If you’ve had enough and are ready to file a claim for a bad debt that’s owed to you, BCCS will advise you on possible legal action and the expected outcome. Should you choose to move forward with an attorney, we’ll connect you with one of our commercial collection attorneys that will act on your behalf. They attempt to collect without suit, first, but can file suit as needed. BCCS will continue to communicate with the attorney and keep you informed along the way.

International Debt Collection Services

We don’t stop at Baltimore, MD collection services, or even national collection services; BCCS is proud to offer international debt collection services. Our global affiliates can track down those who owe you, and successfully collect payments quickly and efficiently. From the mainland United States to Islands across the world, BCCS is here to help you collect what’s owed to you from virtually anywhere.

Amicable Debt Collection

We understand how important it is to retain a positive working relationship with your customers. That’s why BCCS will always utilize civil and professional methods for collecting debt. We always aim for non-litigious measures so that you and your debtor can have a more positive
income and avoid expensive litigation. 

We guarantee that not only will we work hard to get you the money you’ve earned, but we will collect in a professional and positive manner to keep your customers loyal.

How to Get Started

If you’re ready to start collecting what’s owed to you, you can start right now. Here’s how:


Send your collection claim via email, fax, or mail.

You can also click here to request a FREE consultation.


Receive your no-obligation quote.


Let BCCS handle the rest.