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BCCS provides a variety of collection services, but the two main services consist of full contingency collections and collections outsourcing.

BCCS will send letters, faxes, e-mails and make phone calls in order to facilitate the collection of your past-due invoices. We will do whatever it takes to get you paid. If our collection efforts are successful, our rates are based on a percentage of the collection, usually 20-25%. No collection, no fee.

If, despite all of our efforts, we are unsuccessful, we can still report your delinquent account to the credit reporting agencies, and we can refer your account to our network of attorneys, if you desire, through our Legal Collections services.

BCCS has a network of experienced commercial collection attorneys throughout the US and abroad – just about everywhere.  We can file suit in your client’s location if needed.  Rates are 33% (instead of 20-25%), plus court costs.  Never an hourly rate.

This is handled quite differently. We act as an employee of your company to help collect on your 30-60-90 day accounts. No “collection agency” is involved. We help to get your entire invoice aging collected more quickly; sometimes we can dramatically increase your company’s cash flow. This
often works as a customer service call.

Fees are generally just $40/hour, and we work only on the accounts you designate, whether it be all or just part of your receivables aging. We generally work on an annual contract to transform your entire receivables picture, but can also assist with your short-term needs.

Outsourcing is an effective tool to utilize professionals to work specifically on the collections process. It is also more cost effective when factoring in medical benefits, sick leave, vacation, etc. We only get paid for the time we actually work, not for any downtime. Plus, banks/commercial
lenders love knowing that their collateral is being collected by a professional agency.

No, BCCS is a commercial collection agency. No medical, no retail, no credit card debt. We are a professional commercial collection agency. Why use an agency that doesn’t meet your needs?  If you require consumer collections, we can find the right agency for you. Just ask.

BCCS has a network of commercial lenders that has the right financing for every size company. This is just one more way BCCS gets you more of the money you’ve earned!

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