Collecting Disputes

Often in the course of trying to collect on a debt you will come across a debtor with a dispute.  Sometimes it is legitimate, sometimes not.  If you can resolve, that’s great.  Perhaps the dispute is minor – a product missing or one small part of a service not completed.  Easily fixed.  Often the collection agency can get to the root of an issue, or you can resolve in your a/r department.

But sometimes disputes are real hindrances to getting paid.  There may be a major flaw in the work performed, or a key item was not delivered on time to fill your debtor’s order to his customer.  In these instances, chances are it won’t be resolved in-house.  The debtor is firm, and won’t budge.  A third-party collection agency can negotiate a proper settlement, and get you as much as possible, because we work on contingency.  We can get signed agreements, which include default language.  If they don’t pay, we can go right into court to get a default judgment.

However, there are some cases when even the collection agency can’t collect.  The only solution is through the court system.  We have commercial collection attorneys nationally and internationally.  We can put an attorney right in the debtor’s location to sue on your behalf.  They tend to be more responsive when it involves legal action right in their neighborhood.  Plus, there is never an hourly rate.  You pay only contingency, plus court costs for that jurisdiction.

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