Why use a Professional Business Debt Collection Agency?

You’re not getting paid. Some of your customers just don’t have good cash flow. They have a fixed pile of money to pay creditors, and if you’re not the bank or power company or landlord, you end up being grouped in the “later” category. If your not an urgent supplier, you get moved to the “much later” category.

But why should you wait? You’re not the bank, but you’re being asked by your debtor to act like a bank and in essence provide a short-term loan to them. You don’t want to treat your own suppliers like your debtor is treating you, do you? You’ve established credit for your company, and yet your customer is jeopardizing your credit rating because they won’t pay you.This is where the professional Business Debt Collection Agency steps in. We know how this system operates, and we know the games that debtors play. A letter from a Collection Agency carries a lot more weight than one from the creditor. Plus, we send it via US Mail, fax and e-mail, so they get hit from multiple directions at once.

We report their credit as needed. If they’re concerned about their own company credit report, they will pay the agency that reports, first, to keep their name clear.

Lastly, we have a network of Commercial Collection Attorneys. Not just Nationwide, but throughout the world. If we’re still not successful, but it still might be collectible, we can put an attorney who specializes in collecting commercial debt right in the debtors back yard. It shows you mean business, and that you’re not letting this debt go away.

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