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Nothing is worse than the nightmares that can come from unpaid accounts receivable: Clogged up cash flow. Strained customer relations. Wasted time. A sudden and unfair desperation to stay afloat. Don’t let past due payments get in the way of progress. Get dependable debt collection with BCCS.

Baltimore Credit & Collection Services (BCCS) is a full-service Baltimore collection agency specializing in commercial debt collections. Since 1997, we’ve been providing a wide variety of custom-tailored debt recovery solutions to help thousands of companies just like yours to collect money quickly, easily, and to the fullest amount possible.

We don’t just stop at bill collection. We’ll partner with you to accelerate and improve all aspects of the debt collection process, clearing up cash flow, saving you time, minimizing legal hassle — and maximizing results. Regardless of your company’s size, or whether you’re looking to resolve accounts from a few thousand to even several million, we have the expertise to collect your debt professionally, gracefully – and successfully.

We understand that cash flow is the life-blood of business. And in a tough economy, every fight matters. Don’t wait til it’s too late – let us fight on your side and get you more of the money you’ve earned. Get started with a free consultation today.

BCCS helps you get more of the money you’ve earned with our specialized collection services:

BCCS is a Baltimore, MD commercial collection agency providing commercial debt collection services nationally and internationally.

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